Longing For Belonging redux

Hi Gang,

My book proposal has been revamped into a series of cartoons with minimal text. The form is a bit different, but the project still offers the same evolutionary perspective on why money and position can’t deliver the goods, and why community and connection can. The book suggests how to we can take delivery of the goods that are actually good, and how doing so might just “save the world.”

Here’s a sample.


Longing For Belonging first draft

I recently finished a submission draft of Longing For Belonging, how we got into this mess and how to get out. It’s about 140 pages of illustrated text summarizing the evolutionary path that led us to this mess, along with a road map of how to get out.

What I realized in the writing process is that, perhaps more than anything else, this project is about hope. I think I’ve created a reasonable diagnosis of our major malfunction, and that diagnosis suggests an obvious cure. But, even if I’m right, our chances are still worse than those of a snowball in, say, 100 years . BUT–there is a chance. And it’s a chance that doesn’t rely on fairies or unicorns. What I’ve found is logical, true to our nature, and sort of plausible, if improbable. At the least, it’s given me a sliver of hope. And that’s what I need. I can not live in a world without hope.

I don’t buy the rap that humans are fundamentally flawed. We are fundamentally fine, but we have displaced ourselves from our own natural habitat, and that has created a host of problems. I don’t suggest for a second that we would want to return to hunting and gathering. I like to camp once in a while, but not indefinitely.  No, the solution has to be something that goes nicely with painless dentistry and Netflix.

And it does. Here are a few samples from the inside. Enjoy!

Let me know YOUR thoughts.

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